Why Sunlight U

Our mission is to empower survivors to accelerate their healing and restore their sense of agency and reclaim their lives. Sunlight U addresses and resolves survivors’ challenges because it is an online resource that is accessible 24/7. There will be no need to chase down a doctor that is not even accepting new clients. Survivors will recognize and understand that PTSD does not have to be a lifelong diagnosis. 


Survivors, equipped with science, provided by trauma expert Dr. Shiva Ghaed, survivors will be able to gain a deeper understanding of their symptoms, perpetuating stressors and triggers, and develop healthier coping tools to empower them to move from reactive to responsive with better outcomes. 


Sunlight U will also reinvest 10% of the proceeds of Sunlight U into low-income scholarships for our nonprofit partners to offer to trauma survivors when they need it most.