Who Sunlight U is for?

Sunlight U is a tool for a trauma survivor who has done work towards healing—including medication, therapy, or other healing modalities—but still feel stuck.

We urge anyone who has had a recent trauma to seek medical treatment. Sunlight U is not considered medical treatment. Please continue any existing treatment offered by your doctor. We know loved ones might be worried, but it is important the trauma survivor is seeking to do this work— it does not work without them.

The building blocks of science of trauma are true for all trauma survivors, Sunlight U can benefit anyone who has dealt with trauma. We all process trauma through our amygdala, even if we respond differently.

We learn at Sunlight U and Sunlight Retreats with Dr. Shiva that “Trauma is trauma is trauma.” Sunlight U is a more inclusive program that offers tools for those suffering from: