Take Back Your Life After Trauma

Learn the science of trauma from this survivor designed trauma-informed course. Trauma specialist and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Shiva Ghaed will explain to you the science of trauma, to empower you to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and how to move forward with your healing. 

Created by rape survivor Brittany Catton Kirk and Las Vegas Massacre survivor Dr. Shiva Ghaed to equip all trauma survivors with knowledge that will help them heal.

Dr. Shiva Ghaed and Brittany Catton Kirk

About Us

Many of us feel alone after trauma. Our work, our self-esteem, relationships, and mental & physical health suffer. It’s hard to know who to talk to or what is even going on inside of us.

Sunlight U is an investment in your trauma recovery and personal wellness. When you join Sunlight U, you will have access to the following in-depth courses that will help you understand the science of trauma and what is actually going on in your brain and body. Once we understand the science of what’s happening in our mind and body, we can move on to experience post-traumatic growth.